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Yukhti Datasoft has over 700 person years of experience in data collation and conversion. Our bouquet of services includes Hi-Tech, MRO and any other technical data entry, data classification, data enrichment/extraction and image processing. Our competence is a combination of qualified professionals, domain expertise and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Our areas of expertise include manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare and environment sectors. Yukhti Datasoft can be an appropriate partner for reliable data conversion services. An outsourcing partnership with us will be a fruitful and rewarding experience.
Technical Services
Engineering Drawing Entry
Many a time, hard-copy drawings, blueprints etc. need to be converted into an electronic format for easy storage, access and processing; or the software using which it had been created, may have become obsolete. These are mostly technical drawings, like mechanical engineering drawings, electrical schematics, and flowcharts. In many such cases, re-entry is the only solution. Since we have technically qualified people, you can be assured of accuracy and completeness.
Data Classification
We provide classification services to classify the products and services to well known standard schema such as UNSPC, MESC, NIGIP and SMD etc. These services can be provided to any in-house/proprietary schema of manufacturer/supplier in the domain of MRO, IT and Office Supplies. We can also build a schema to any specific domain tailored to customer needs. Since we are well versed with the classification hierarchies we could map any proprietary schema to a global schema.
Data Cleansing
This involves de-duplication, re-arrangement, attribute extraction or normalization of the existing data. In de-duplication, duplicates are identified and removed by adopting various permutations of pattern matching rules, database queries and manual inspection. We can provide attribute extraction to any industry standard attribute schema and also develop a new set of attributes using our domain knowledge. We can normalize the existing data by formatting the data entities such as manufacturers/supplier names, attribute values, abbreviations, UOM etc to get more consistent values.
Data Enrichment
We mainly do data enrichment by sourcing from the manufacturer/supplier websites or from the catalogs provided to us by the customer. If and when required, the data is cleansed and normalized based on the requirement. Images could be sourced, re-sized, cleaned up and thumbnails could be created based on the requirement. Values are populated by referring to these websites.
General Services
Data Scrubbing
Old data may not be correct or consistent according to new rules for the data. Rules keep changing with altering requirements or even external factors, but the data doesn't change automatically. A special cleanup and/or processing effort is required. A typical example could be component description fields. The work involved may range from field re-entry to rules based re- processing of existing data.
Data Migration and Processing
Typically a systems transition or implementation involves transition of the concerned data also; this can be an involved and complex task. The transition could be a move up from the desktop system to a client server system or to the web. With our expertise in database technology, data processing and programming we could deal with this quite easily.
Document Conversion Services
With the Internet and Intranets gaining increasing popularity due to various business reasons, soft / hard copy documents may have to be converted to HTML, XML or PDF. Conversion software doesn't always produce very good results; in any case hyper-links have to be made manually. We use a process-based methodology to get the required outputs.
Scanning and Image Processing
Documents or diagrams can be scanned and converted to images, in formats like GIF, TIFF, and JPEG. These can be stored electronically, cleaned-up, processed and indexed for easy access. We provide all the services required for this purpose, and can undertake this work in high volumes.

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